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Changes in the Russian Top Administration: Estimations by the Almaty Population

M. Sarsenov, an ASaP expert

Almaty, Jan 10

605 persons were questioned

Recently, there was a symbolic change in the Russian top administration. Events that happen in Russia are significant for Kazakhstani people, as Russia is our closest neighbor and a strategic partner.

How did the Almaty population react to Putin�s appointment the acting President of the Russian Federation? How this fact may affect the relations between Russia and Kazakhstan and the internal situation in Kazakhstan?

How does the Almaty population treat Putin�s appointment?

Positively 26.4
Normally 39.3
Indifferently 13.5
Negatively 1.2
It�s difficult to answer 19.6

How will Putin�s appointment affect the Kazakhstani-Russian relations? (% of the polled people)

They will improve 5.5
They will worsen 0.6
This will not affect relations between our countries 58.9
It�s difficult to answer 35.0

Most people suppose that this will not cause any changes in relations between the two countries. More than one-third part of the population failed to answer the question.

What will the internal situation in Kazakhstan be after Putin is appointed the acting President? (% of the polled people)

The situation will not change at all 78.6
The opposition�s influence will grow 5.8
It�s difficult to answer 15.6

The reaction of the Kazakhstani government to B. Yeltsin�s retirement (% of the polled people)

They will start democratic reforms 1.3
Top leaders will be changed 1.3
They will announce Parliamentary and presidential elections ahead of schedule    0.0
Others 6.5
It�s difficult to answer 90.8

Well, what famous Russian politicians have a chance to become the second Russian President, according the Almaty population?

V. Putin 84.0
Ye. Primakov 2.5
G. Zyuganov 2.5
G. Yavlinsky 1.2
Others 9.8

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