In 1999 the National Budget Gained 35.8 Billion Tenge from Privatization

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In 1999 the Kazakhstani national budget gained 35.8 billion tenge from operations with the capital (profits from rent and privatization of state property, sale of state shareholding). It was projected to gain 61.2 billion, the Finance Minister Mazhit Yesenbaev announced at the governmental meeting on Wednesday, February 9.

Yesenbaev mentioned two reasons for non-fulfillment of the plan on privatization: ministries tardily organized the sale of enterprises� stocks and unpaid money for state property sold before. In particular, according to the Minister, the us company AES did not pay for 4 heat electric stations and 2 power electric stations in Eastern Kazakhstan, Energougol did not pay for �the infrastructure of the open-pit mine Severny� and Access Industries � for the mine Bogatyr.

The Minister said that at present of 215 secondary enterprises that they are planning to sell in this year, only 13 are really ready for the sale.

Yesenbaev also said that in 1999 the total national budget revenues came to 398.6 billion tenge, i.e. 91.6%: the national budget gained 250 billion tenge (87.2%), local budgets � 217.4 billion tenge (99.3%).

Yesenbaev stated that the national budget received less by such articles, as rent fee for the Baikonur space vehicle-launching site. Out of planned 12.5 billion tenge, the budget gained only 5.9 billion.�

The total national budget expenses in the last year came to 465.2 billion tenge, i.e. 92.4% of the planned amount.

The national budget deficit was 66.6 billion, the republican budget � 75.8 billion, profitability of the local budgets was 3.4 billion tenge.

As of the End 1999 the Kazakhstani Government�s Debt was 536.5 Billion Tenge

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As of December 31, 1999 the total governmental debt of Kazakhstan was 536.5 billion tenge, i.e. 24.6% of GNP. The Finance Minister Mazhit Yesenbaev announced this on Wednesday, February 9, at the governmental meeting.

Orleu Asks the President

Will the Country�s Leader be Able to Answer?


ALMATY, Feb 10


�Our country became a bankrupt in all vitally necessary spheres: economy, policy, social sphere and culture,� Seidakhmet Kuttykadam, chairman of the Republican Public Movement Orleu announced on Wednesday, February 9. According to Kuttykadam, the social-political situation in the country and the geopolitical one around it are getting more catastrophic.

Recent visits of Nursultan Nazarbaev to the USA, China and Russia indicated that leaders of these countries negatively estimate the situation in the country. Kuttykadam emphasized that we should take into account forthcoming political changes in Russia.

In connection with the above-mentioned circumstances, Orleu movement asks ten questions to Nazarbaev.

One of these questions concerns the foreign and domestic policy of the country. Kuttykadam called the President�s �multi-vector� policy the real �multi-vector sagging.� Recent events at the Kazakhstani-Uzbek border again proved the fact that Kazakhstan is absolutely weak as the state.

Orleu touches the problem of tribalism in the staff policy of the country. Kuttykadam emphasizes that one family concentrates the entire state power in the country.

Orleu also asks why force structures fight with the opposition, journalists and pensioners, instead to struggle against the external threat, crimes and corruption?

In conclusion Seidakhmet Kuttykadam said that answers to the questions would be obvious from the further actions by the President and his subordinates.

Struggle against Economic Crimes

Almaty Tax Police Sums up the Results

ALMATY, Feb 10


On Wednesday, February 9, the Almaty Tax Police summed up the results of its activity. According to the Central Department of the Tax Police Committee (CDTPC), 1 billion 107.5 million tenge was reimbursed to the national budget in 1999.

The priority direction of the CDTPC activity remains the struggle against economic crimes. In 1999 the committee instituted 707 criminal cases.

At present the most criminal situation is still around contraband of spirits and alcohol products.

The monthly salary of Tax Police officers is 5,000 to 7,000 tenge. The Department on Internal Security of the Ministry of State Revenues guarantees safety of the personnel.

Today there are many people who are eager to work in the Tax Police. Only people with either economic or juridical education selected.

The Almaty CDTPC head Serik Nugmanov said that it was too early to talk about the banking secrete.

In 1999 Biggest Oil Companies Transmitted 43 Billion Tenge

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Feb 9


In the last year Kazakhstani biggest oil companies transmitted 43 billion tenge to the national budget (in 1998 � 43.3 billion). The Minister of State Revenues (MSR) Zeinulla Kakimzhanov announced that speaking at the governmental broadened meeting on Wednesday, February 9.

According to Kakimzhanov, in 1999 the plan on tax and non-tax collections to the national budget was fulfilled by 101.3%. 344 billion 166 million tenge was deducted to the budget.

Kakimzhanov said that the budget was fulfilled due to the overfulfillment of the projected income tax on juridical persons by 18 billion tenge, as well as the social tax was overfulfilled by 3.6 billion tenge.

At the same time, the Minister said, many articles were unfulfilled, including 4.8 billion tenge of Customs duties and taxes. This plan was mainly unfulfilled due to lack of 5.5 billion tenge that were not collected by the Almaty Customs Department.

In the last year, revenues from the biggest enterprises of the country increased. So, he said, if in 1998 these taxpayers transmitted 25.8% of all tax and non-tax payments to the national budget, in 1999 this share came to 31%.

Kakimzhanov also stated that the tax arrears reduced from 137.9 billion tenge in 1998 to 122 billion tenge in 1999.

The Minister is against of the zero VAT rate for some branches of the economy and spheres of the activity, including media.

Fourth Power Receives the Law Support

Legislation and Practice of Media Bulletin to be Published in Kazakhstan


ALMATY, Feb 10


Since November 1999 the international public organization Internews Kazakhstan began to publish the monthly informational-analytical bulletin Legislation and Practice of Kazakhstani Media.

Internews Kazakhstan presents its electronic version to all comers free of charge. It is sufficient just to notify them of your intention at the address: [email protected].

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