Investigation Term on the Case of RPPK Members Prolonged

Former guards of the Former PM Moved to the Almaty Investigation Jail


ALMATY, Feb 16


On Wednesday, February 16, the deputy chairman of the RPPK (Republican People�s Party of Kazakhstan) executive committee Amirzhan Kosanov announced that the investigation term and the arrest of Pyotr Afanasenko and Satzhan Ibraev had been prolonged to March 7, 2000.

According to Kosanov, the arrested were moved to the investigating jail of the City Department of Internal Affairs (CDIA). He said that Pyotr Afanasenko was almost daily �invited� for 3 to 4 hours to the Almaty and Almaty oblast KNB, and they psychically press him. In RPPK spokesmen�s opinion, the move from the KNB investigating jail is the next pressure method.

We remind you that formally the above-mentioned criminal case is referred to the CDIA, in fact � the KNB supervises it. Pyotr Afanasenko and Satzhan Ibraev are accused according to articles 235 and 251 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan, i.e. �creation of a criminal organized group and managing the group�s activity� and �illegal keeping of weapons by an organized criminal group.� According to RPPK representatives, they demand from the arrested the only thing � to �admit� that the RPPK leader Kazhegeldin being abroad established a criminal group in Kazakhstan to attempt on the present regime.

The RPPK executive committee demands to stop the law tyranny regarding the arrested Afanasenko and Ibraev and calls the international community, the Kazakhstani society to protest against illegality sanctioned by the country�s administration.

Monitor of public opinion

Functionaries, you should be more unpretentious�

Bakhytzhamal BEKTURGANOVA, President of ASaP


Feb 5 - 12

1013 persons were questioned

Recently the President criticized Akims for their immodesty, and the Prime Minister publicly requested ministers to be more modest. What was it, the usual advertising call appealed to all functionaries and to no one concretely?

The poll conducted by the ASaP in the southern capital indicated, to which functionaries President and PM of Kazakhstan appealed.

Which of the below functionaries has the following features?

(% of the polled people)

   Attentiveness and humane treatment Conceit and swagger
K. Tokaev 13.9 8.5
V. Khrapunov 22.3 6.1
Z. Nurkadilov 9.2 20.7
Yu. Hitrin 3.6 11.1
S. Burkitbaev 2.8 20.0
A. Sarsenbaev 5.0 10.4
N. Radostovets 9.5 9.7
A. Pavlov 5.2 9.4
Ye. Utembaev 3.1 8.6
Z. Kakimzhanov 4.3 9.6
K. Kusherbaev 3.1 10.8
K. Suleimenov 9.9 8.3
M. Yesenbaev 2.8 8.8
Zh. Kulekeev 2.1 8.8
S. Mynbaev 3.3 8.7
It�s difficult to answer 38.0 39.0

The most odious functionaries, whose immodesty shocks the public opinion are as follows:

1. The Akim of the Almaty oblast Z. Nurkadilov (according to every 5th respondent);

2. The Minister of Transport and Communications S. Burkitbaev (every 5th respondent);

3. The General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan Yu. Hitrin (every 9th respondent);

4. The Minister of most depressive spheres K. Kusherbaev (according to every 9th respondent);

5. The Minister of Information and Public Consent A. Sarsenbaev (every 10th respondent).

Monitor of public opinion

Almaty public opinion attested law-enforcement structures

Bakhytzhamal BEKTURGANOVA, President of ASaP


Feb 5 -12

1013 persons were questioned

Do you believe that decisions and sanctions by the following structures are just?

(% of the polled people)

  Supreme Court of Kazakhstan General Office of Public Prosecutor Ministry of Justice Customs Committee
Yes 17.2 17.2 11.0 10.9
No 31.4 28.8 32.1 34.1
It�s difficult to answer 31.5 31.3 31.6 29.6
Just the opposite, they have killed belief in justness of the Law 12.9 15.1 13.8 17.3

With what do you associate the activity of the below structures?

(% of the polled people)

  Guarantee of order and legality Protection of interests of both the population and the state Repression and punitive measures Illegal  criminal  activity
Security Council subordinate to the President 11.8 12.8 5.9 9.1
KNB 9.5 9.0 12 19.2
Ministry of Internal Affairs 16.4 8.7 11.6 21.2
Defense Ministry 14.5 17.4 5.9 11.5
Supreme Court 14 13 5.0 14.3
General Office of Public Prosecutor 14.1 13 6.9 13.6
Ministry of Justice 12.8 8.9 5.7 12.3
Customs Committee 13.2 12.9 3.6 13.2

Estimating heads by their departments� work, which of the below chiefs�: (% of the polled people)

  Is respected by the society Observes the Law and appreciates law and order Does not observe  the Law and infringes it
M. Tazhin, the secretary of the Security Council 3.9 5.1 10.7
A. Musaev, the KNB chairman 3.6 3.8 16.3
K. Suleimenov, the Minister of Internal Affairs 9.6 6.7 13.1
S. Tokpakbaev, the Defense Minister 5.4 7.3 9.8
M. Narikbaev, the Supreme Court chairman 4.4 6.3 12.6
Yu. Hitrin, the General Prosecutor 4.9 5.3 15.9
B. Muhamedzhanov, The Minister of Justice 3.9 4.7 9.5
M. Nukenov, the Customs Committee chairman 4.5 3.8 11.6
It�s difficult to answer 49.8 48.6 40.0

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