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The chief historian of Kazakhstan needs help!

I, Nurlan Ablyazov, publisher and editor-in-chief of THE GLOBE newspaper am asking my readers for help. I am convinced, most of you do know the book «Kazakhstan: chronicle of three millenniums» that I published in 1992.

One of the authors of the book, Professor Tursun Sultanov, the chief of the Central Asia and the Caucasus Chair, Orient Study Faculty, the St. Petersburg University, urgently requires an operation upon heart.

This person has contributed a lot to the development of the historical science and culture of new Kazakhstan.

To perform the operation US$ 5,500 is required. I can give only US$ 1,000.

Sirs, money is required and urgently !

Tursun Sultanov is a star in our culture.

My mobile tel.: 8 333 215 1937

Editorial staff's tel.: 50-76-39, 60-85-43.

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