Kamil Mullashev: «I Do Everything with Love»


ALMATY, March 20


In the Central Exhibition Hall, along with the current exhibition «House on the Embankment» by three painters Kamil Mullashev, Amandos Akanaev and Abdrashit Sydykhanov, an exhibition of the work of Kazakhstani artist ,Kamil Mullashev, was opened on March 17.

The native of Urumchi (China) graduated from Almaty Gogol Arts College and from the Moscow Surikov Arts Institute (studio of the USSR People's Artist T. Salahov).

The exhibited paintings by Kamil Mullashev are varied and of different genres. His art may be called "life-asserting", according to arts critic Kulzhazira Mukazhanova. The artist's fundamental credo is «I do everything with love.»

The painter subtly combines a surprising variety of profound thought with romantic pathos. He successively achieves combining the integrity of a creative image along with conforming to traditional form in his composition.

On the whole, the creator's interests are extremely wide. They include both creative traditions of the past and new ideas from different streams of fine arts.

This fine collection of the artist's paintings includes realistic and vanguard works as well as metaphorically ironic allegories. For instance, «Suyumbike», Girls' conversation», «Brides», «Portrait of mother», «Kyz Zhibek», «Akyn Sara», «Outside precincts of dream», «Far shore» (canvas, oil) and others.


Japanese Cinema in Almaty


ALMATY, March 20


During 3 days (17-19 March), Japanese Cinema Days were held in Cinema House under the aegis of the Japanese Embassy to Kazakhstan.

Documentary, feature and cartoon films were presented to the audience. The repertoire of films was quite varied and stimulating. In such documentary films such as «Japan today: country and people», «Kyudo» and others the audience was exposed to a range of information about the state, the people, their life, culture, policy, spare time, and sport.

We should mention that feature films were astonishingly popular among fans of this art genre. The plot of «Tsubaki Sandzyuro» by the famous Japanese producer Akira Kurosava (inspired by «Every day calmly» by Yamamoto Syugoro) is connected with historical events – the disclosure of top functionaries of one of the corrupted Japanese clans. Scenes such as the saving of the young Samurai leader, Muroto, indicate a great level of professionalism.

«Tomorrow» narrates the story of a shipwreck that separates a young couple. Retold by survivors, the search for the missed beloved person provides the basis of the film.

Characters in «Ghost in the tavern» are all dreamers: the owner of the beer bar, Sotaro after his wife died, promised to be faithful to her and that he would never marry again. But as life is unpredictable it proves impossible for the hero to keep his promise and on falling in love again, his dead wife comes to him and her ghost follows him.

All films were highly enjoyable and had been selected purposefully by the Embassy to provide maximum pleasure whilst simultaneously educating its audience as to the culture, traditions and future of Japan though her cinema.

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