An activist of RPPK beaten up

Accident or Kazakh secret services� action?


ALMATY, January 24 (THE GLOBE)

�The situation with RPPK throughout the Republic worries me�, said on Monday Amirzhan Kosanov, representative of Republican Peoples� Party of Kazakhstan. According to Kosanov, the beating of Baurzhan Dzharylkapov on January 21 has become yet another provocation on the part of Kazakh secret serveces.

Baurzhan Dzharylkapov informed journalists that three days ago he was attacked by unknown guys at the crossing of Panfilova and Zhibek Zholy streets, his left eyebrow was injured. His suspicion fell on a man with a walkie-talkie who seemed to be a commander of the guys.

He tried to apply for help to the nearby police station at the department store �Zangar� but the police ironically accepted his story and did not want to react. After that he made a formal statement at the Zhetysu district police department.

Mr. Dzharylkapov said that policemen of the Zhetysu department began to demonstrate activity only after a TV reporting group arrived.

On January 22 an official of the Zhetysu department paid a visit to Mr. Dzharylkapov and offered him to report the case at the police department. He falsely accused Dzharylkapov of not reporting the case on time.

Baurzhan Dzharylkapov is absolutely sure that the accident has been planned by Kazakh secret services as a response to the January 18 press-conference�s criticism addressed to law-enforcement organs.

Radio Liberty

Oil Deeds

On Wednesday the governmental delegation headed by the Prime Minister Tokaev visited Moscow. The acting President of Russia Putin received Kasymzhomart Tokaev. The parties agreed to deepen the economic integration. The leading Russian newspapers ignored the diplomatic success, however. For instance, Izvestia did not say a word of Kazakhstani guests either on Thursday or on Friday. Russia and Kazakhstan concluded agreements mainly on the power sector and on Baikonur. Kazakhstan�s debt to the neighbor towards electricity is US$ 239 million. The debt is being repaid against a part of the shareholding of the Ekibastuz Electric-Power Station-2. A joint venture is to be established with the Russian JSC �Common Power System�. But Russia also has great debts to Kazakhstan. Where is money for Baikonur leasing? The first deputy of the Russian PM Mikhail Kasyanov announced: �We admit we have debts to Kazakhstan. A part of them will be repaid with Russian aviation technique.� The agreement for increase of the oil transit quote up to 9.5 million is obviously a serious success of Tokaev. In comparison with the previous year, it is a great achievement.

In this week a lot of �oil� events happened. It is quite understandable. Any political event is predetermined by new accents in the oil interests. In the beginning of the next week the CIS Summit will be held in Moscow. Boris Yeltsin�s successor Vladimir Putin will see his colleagues for the first time. The fate of minor unions, organized by presidents who disappointed in the CIS, is expected to change. Nursultan Nazarbaev purposefully spent his short leave in the Arabian world. The Kazakhstani leader negotiated with the UAE sheikh Zaied bin Sultan al-Nahaian. In the last year Nazarbaev had discussed further steps with the USA and Iran. Now, possibly, it is time to choose one of the directions of the multi-vectors policy. The public speech by the Minister of State Revenues Zeinulla Kakimzhanov about miserable use of the growth of the world oil and metal prices was, probably, the sign of a new backstage struggle. In his interview to Vremya newspaper Zeinulla Kakimzhanov said that Kazakhstan lost US$ 107 million of taxes on oil export. This was sensational. According to the budget 2000, they expected US$ 2 million from oil. It is shameful even to pronounce this figure. US$ two million means two trains of oil. According to some estimation, in the last year the value of exported oil was US$ 4 billion. What is the use of Chevron, Texaco, Hurricane and other companies? Some analysts are sure that foreign and pseudo-foreign companies involve Kazakhstan into the hollow of colonialism and provoke the growth of corruption. But Minister Kakimzhanov is a bit late. Before him the parliamentarian Isakhan Alimzhanov revealed secrets of the oil business. In his interview to Radio Liberty Alimzhanov said the so-called �foreign investors� rob Kazakhstani natural resources. People naively expect the life to improve. Now Zeinulla Kakimzhanov has to answer to his question himself. If the announcement of the Minister of State Revenues is the another game, that means we should guess the separate negotiations between foreign companies.

In this week the Chinese National Oil Company (CNOC) supervising oil from Aktyubinsk was subject to criticism, suddenly. The Kazakhstani Ambassador to China Kuanysh Sultanov and the CNOC President Ma Fuzai investigated the case in Beijing. The Chinese party as if acknowledged that they insufficiently invested Aktyubinsk oilfields. Why nobody seriously deals with the Canadian company Hurricane? According to the information, they violate the agreements more seriously than Chinese people do.

On Friday President Nazarbaev received the President of the National Oil Company KazakhOil Nurlan Balgimbaev and the Akim of the Atyrau oblast Imangali Tasmagambetov. They again discussed oil. President of Kazakhstan having returned from his leave, first of all considered the oil business. Let�s see how persistent Nazarbaev�s people who defied world oil sharks, will be.

In this week there was an extraordinary situation in the oil sphere. The oil torch is still burning in the Kalkamas oilfield near Aktau. The oilfield belongs to Mangistaumunaigas company. How destructive is the fire for the nature? The chief geologist of the Mangystau oblast Ykhlas Nogaev announced to Radio Liberty that the accident did not do any harm to the environment.

Independent ecologists� opinion differs. Activists of the Atyrau Scientific-Industrial Enterprise Caspy Tabigaty said to KTK TV channel that the fire at the Kalkamas oilfield did harm to the nature of the Caspian Sea.


THE GLOBE based on materials from the Kazakh Service of Radio Liberty

(Translated from Kazakh by THE GLOBE, full text)

The Kazakh Head of Interior on the leak of firearms from military warehouses

Daniel Ferro

Astana, Jan 24 (THE GLOBE)

In Kazakhstan the main source of firearms for criminal groups remains to be warehouses of the Ministry of Defense. That announcement had been made by the Head of Interior of Kazakhstan Kairbek Suleymenov in the course of General Board of the Ministry of Interior.

As Mr. Suleymenov said for the last year 14 criminal cases were filed on the facts of stealing of firearms from the Defense Ministry warehouses.

According to the Minister, during the aforementioned period

more than 360 organized criminal groups had been liquidated, 1095 pieces of firearms including 28 assault rifles, 1 machinegun, 16 rifles, 121 pistols, 13 grenade throwers and 148 combat grenades were confiscated.

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