Eurasian Summit: Unprecedented in the CIS


Eurasian Davos is the site for an unprecedented number of CIS ministers to arrive at the forum. Our guests are the presidents of Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, the Prime Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia, the Russian first deputy Prime Minister, civil servants from China, Iran, Turkey and a top White House official.

Along them representatives of the world business elite will also be present:

Ulrich Weiss, member of the Advisory Board, Deutsche Bank;

Nick Zana, Managing Director, Eurasia, Chevron Overseas Petroleum;

Bill Scoggings, Executive Vice-President, ExxonMobil Production Company;

Julia Nanay, Director, The Petroleum Finance Company;

Lucien Bronicki, Chairman, Ormat Industries;

Bruno Berggren, Senior Vice-President, ABB Asea Brown Boveri;

Michael Lynch-Bell, Co-Director, Global Energy Corporate Finance, Ernst & Young International;

Holger Ronquist, Director Central & Eastern Europe, Ericcson EMEA;

Ronald Freeman, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Salomon Smith Barney;

Stewart Reich, President and Chief Executive Officer, Golden Telecom;

Rolf Jecker, Director-General, SGS Societe Generale de Surveillance Holding;

James Scott, President, Philip Morris;

Norbert Becker, Managing Partner, Central & Eastern Europe, Arthur Andersen

�and others.

Lakshmi Mittal, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ispat International and Minoru Murofushi, Chairman, Itochu Corporation will be co-chairmen at the summit.

Klaus Schwab, the father of the Davos forum announced that he would participate in the event. He will be the spokesman at the opening ceremony and at some plenary meetings. After him the EBRD acting President, Charles Frank, the OSCE General Secretary Jan Kubis, representatives of the UN, the World Bank, the WTO and the US Chamber of commerce will speak.

Journalists from the world's four media giants, The New York Times, Reuters, The Times and International Herald Tribune will make speeches at the forum.

No representatives of Turkmenistan will be attending, whilst the delegations of both Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are expected to be small.

Business does not know jealousy. President Putin, for example, sent the highest delegation available to him at present.

No similar events have been held in Almaty before. The streets of the city are shining after a fresh cleaning. A large number of law-enforcement officers will be patrolling the district where the summit to be held and the routes which the motorcade will use.

On the eve of the forum main motor ways of the southern capital have been repaired (the Almaty people called it �the hole one�).

The city is ready to receive guests. The entire country is waiting.

These are the topics proposed by the organisers of the summit for discussion:

The region's potential

Factors of hazards in the region

Threat of fundamentalism and physical security

Oil, gas and other natural resources

Finances and taxes

Possibilities and tasks of the privatisation of municipal services

The role of the Chambers of Commerce in attracting direct foreign investments

Relations between Central Asia, the Caucasus and neighbouring countries

Infrastructure markets

Economic review of the region for this year and further

Development of pipelines

Strategic investors and local companies.

Some individual countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan) will be also considered. A meeting with heads of Central Banks is to be held.

Developing an operations plan for stability and growth

Discussion of regional political leaders' tasks

Development of regional trade

Tasks of the interregional co-operation

Spread of the informational technology revolution in the region

The program is full. THE GLOBE is preparing special issues for each day of the summit. Stay with us.

Boris Cherdybayev, a New Kazakhstani Director of TCO


�The appointment of Boris Cherdybayev as the General Director of JV �Tengizchevroil� is a result of the need to strengthen management by local staff, first of all involving local specialists, managers and contractors,� an official Kazakhoil spokesman announced on April 21st.

Kazakhoil's first Vice-President, Galiausat Keshubayev, said to THE GLOBE that Boris Cherdybayev was the man that would be able to strengthen the influence of the Kazakh workforce in TCO and to attract local specialists and contractors.

Mr. Keshubayev emphasised that, whilst he has worked at Kazakhoil, Cherdybayev had prepared tender offers for Kazakhstani participants, managed to establish a special department on purchases of Kazakhstani products and services in TCO and he had estimated potential capacities of Kazakhstani enterprises.

The new TCO Director has 20-years' experience of working in the oil sector: he has worked in the oil-mining department of �Zhetybaineft�, and then as the Vice-President of the JSC �Mangistaumunaigas�.

For the last two years Cherdybayev was the Vice-President in charge of oil prospecting and production as well as the Executive Director for service projects in �Kazakhoil�.

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