RPPK Considers Provocations at its Meeting as Highly Possible


ALMATY, March 27


�Despite official prevention, provocations by the authorities will be very possible at the opposition meeting to be held on March 30, through the presence of drunken people shouting derogatory slogans,� for example, according to a spokesman of the Republican People's Party of Kazakhstan (RPPK) Alikhan Ramazanov.

According to him, the Almaty administration actively opposes the RPPK's gathering, and are holding meetings with veterans and mothers of large families �where people are secretly being induced not to participate in the meeting.�

�We want society to know today what we want to do at the meeting, in case of possible excesses,� Mr. Ramazanov emphasised. The main aims of the republicans will be calls for national dialogue, granting of 1 hour on the national TV channel for the opposition to make a speech, as well as changes to the Constitution and selection of Akims through elections.

The main participants in the event will be politically active elder people, although the youth movement should also to be well represented. Between 600 and 800 demonstrators are expected. Republicans have set the date for the meeting as the birthday of their disgraced leader, Akezhan Kazhegeldin, who is 48 now.

THE GLOBE #22(440) dated 24.03.2000 published the statement by the famous Russian nationalist Eduard Limonov regarding his sympathy with the former Prime Minister as a man able �to satisfy requirements of both the Russians and the Kazakhs, as well as to stop discrimination against the Russians.�

THE GLOBE asked the Deputy Chairman of the RPPK Executive Committee Amirzhan Kosanov to comment on the statement. Mr. Kosanov said "of course, it was flattering for them to hear that, whoever Limonov was, he was right in the sense that the RPPK had been protecting the interests of all nationalities living in Kazakhstan from the very beginning.�

Amirzhan Kosanov said he did not think that state policy in respect to the Russian population was fautless, nor was it in many other areas. In his opinion, Astana considers matters through the Akims' reports, but does not consider the real situation. Mr. Kosanov said dialogue between the authorities, the opposition and the people was necessary.

Value of Turkish Building and Assembly Projects in Kazakhstan Over US$2 Billion, - Deputy Prime Minister Akhmetov

Daniel FERRO

ASTANA, March 27


Over the last three years (from 1997 to 1999 � IF-K) Turkish construction companies completed building and assembling projects worth over US$2 billion, the deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Danial Akhmetov, announced on Monday at a meeting with the Turkish State Minister Uksel Yalova.

�Obviously, this is a contribution to both Kazakhstan's economy and jobs in Turkey,� Mr. Akhmetov said.

Mr. Yalova announced at the meeting that he had recently been to Kazakhstani Turkistan (in the south of the country), where he visited some relics, including the Hodja Akhmed Yassavi Mausoleum, whose restoration was assisted by Turkey.

Nazarbayev should be Ready to Answer to History Interview with the Disgraced Former Prime Minister


Prague-London, March 25-26

(Radio Azattyk)

We propose an interview by Azattyk radio with the disgraced former Prime Minister, the RPPK (Republican People's Party of Kazakhstan) leader Akezhan Kazhegeldin, which he gave from London over telephone. Recently, concerning Kazhegeldin, there has been a circulation of different information and rumours, which he aims to refute in the interview. He also touched on many aspects of the current situation in Kazakhstan. After a long silence, Kazhegeldin began to speak on the air of Azattyk


- It is known that spokesmen of RPPK and the Forum of Kazakhstani Democratic Forces went to the UK and the U.S.A. What problems did they discuss there? And what is the outcome of their meetings with western politicians?

- Our goal was to notify the West of the true situation in Kazakhstan. At present the situation is that the upper strata do not want such a situation, and that lower strata cannot tolerate it.

So, then for the first time, we announced conducting the national dialogue, as well as demanding 1 hour on the national channel. We met the Senate, the Foreign Ministry and different parties of the two countries. They supported us. The next step needs to be made by President Nazarbayev and the government. They say they have heard nothing about it, but I know the US Ambassador met the chairmen of the Senate and Mazhilis and they informed him of these events.

- But similar suggestions were made before. To my mind, the president's subordinates will do their best to bring the idea of dialogue at national level to a standstill. Is there any use of these meetings? Despite the OSCE evaluating the election in Kazakhstan negatively in late 1999, Nazarbayev was invited to the U.S.A. Analysts think that the U.S.A. is not considering the situation in Kazakhstan seriously. Hence, these meetings are just attracting the attention of western politicians and they will not have any positive results.

- So far, Kazakhstan has been disregarded because they did not know the real situation. There was nobody to reveal the facts. Then the opposition emerged, which went abroad and had done just that. If we keep silent, they will think: as people are silent, they are satisfied with the regime. If we are passive, nothing will change. Now, requiring financial aid, they will take into consideration the political situation in Kazakhstan. We are asking for assistance with the opening of a publishing house now. The US Congress will consider the issue. We failed to do anything in our country, and still cannot do anything. We fear that they will seize property and so on. This will not happen in the U.S.A.

As far as other events are concerned. In connection with disputes regarding the Kazakh-Uzbek border, two weeks ago Karimov appealed to his opponents living abroad: return to the motherland, let's forget about the past, we should think of the future and settle problems together.

I know, today Nazarbayev is thinking of the same. Yet he is more anxious to maintain the West's positive opinion of Kazakhstan. He is not ready to negotiate with the opposition. He has to change his character and to create conditions.

- Not only character, but also mentality, since he is a politician raised during the Soviet period, a former party bureaucrat�

- Yes, of course, he knows himself what to do, but each ruler's time passes and he has to be ready to answer to history. If Putin becomes the President, possibly, he will touch problems (the Russians' problems, geopolitics), which Yeltsin ignored. Events happening at the Uzbek border are not by accident. Today Uzbekistan is eager to gain a different status in Central Asia. If it finds a common language with Russia, Kazakhstan will have to reconsider its foreign policy. But it will be difficult to do so, as Nazarbaev's mentality dominates and he fears change.

- Recently many people called for Kazakhstan to join the Russian-Belarus Union. What can you say about this?

- From the economic point of view, undoubtedly, we need integration. But it is impossible to unite with the present Belarus headed by Lukashenko. Otherwise, it will be a former Soviet republic.

- People are also talking of restoration of the Soviet Union�

- This should not be done. People considering this do not think of the future. Of course, on one hand, it would be a reconstruction of Moscow's former grandeur, but on the other hand, this is not a step by a pragmatic leader. Moreover, recently Russia announced its intention to enter the NATO, proving that it did not need the restoration of the USSR.

- What do you think regarding the recent events in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan � the arrest of the former Vice-President Felix Kulov?

- Unfortunately, Akaev who had a reputation of one of the most democratic leaders, today changed his positions. Unlike the Kazakhstani population, the Kyrgyz have protested and asked western politicians to help Kulov. It is quite evident that everything was falsified.

- International analysts think that Akaev has created a political depression and cannot control the situation in his country. Thereupon, there is an opinion that Kazakhstan assisted in arresting the opponent.

- It is quite possible, though there is an opinion in the West that his wife, along with business circles, governed these actions. Possibly, Kazakhstan is concerned. Maybe, it helped with advice and money.

- According to a recent statement by Yuryi Hitrin, Belgium launched a criminal case against you? Is it true?

- He is continuously talking of this, but I know nothing of the case. There is no reason for such a case, I have not commited any crime. Taking into consideration the current opinions of Kazakhstani authorities, I am the only criminal and should answer according to the law, while a lot of information on their own representatives emerges � foreign bank accounts, real estates abroad, etc. For 5 years I have not been in Belgium at all. Now you know yourself, where I live. I do not have my own house, I rent either a hotel room or a flat.

- You are also blamed for the crisis in the country. It is said you messed it up�

- Of course, it is profitable for the authorities to blame me for everything, when I am far away. To refute all rumour, it is necessary to sit along with Nazarbayev and other people at a table and answer all people's questions regarding the property issues and all other things , live on air to prove my honesty. For three years I cannot appear on the country's television. The fact that they are speaking ill of me, is better than to be forgotten. Our people are not stupid, they understand that today Nazarbayev and his "family" have the only enemy � Kazhegeldin. I am not afraid of these rumours as long as people do not forget me. Time will allow me to correct any misinformation.

- Suppose, you return to Kazakhstani policy. How can the country cope with the current crisis? How can agriculture be improved?

- I understand your question, yet I cannot answer it simply. Of course, we have a program. I would like to say: when in 1994, I came to government, it had not a single kopeck and all accounts were closed because 2 years ago they had received a credit of US$ 1.5 billion and had not repaid it. It was defaulted. When my government left, we left US$ 1.5 billion on the government's account. No cabinet of Ministers, either before mine, or after it, have left such an amount after it's term in office. Why am I saying this? Because it is possible to cope with any crisis. We should start with that - not only your relatives and friends, but all Kazakhstanis should have equal rights. First of all, we should start from the village, of course.

- Is it possible to find money for this?

- Yes, it is. We need a correct policy. For example, Tereschenko's government took credit with the interest rate of 11% for 3 years. Our government took credit at 2.5% for 30 years. Is there any difference? There are a lot of similar mechanisms. We need to appoint city and oblast Akims by election. For example, I live in Semipalatinsk, and the Akim elected by me will have to do something to be re-elected in 4 years. Today Akim are being appointed by the upper strata, and he will not perform the people's will, but the will of Astana.

- There are different opinions regarding this issue. For instance, they say if Akims are elected, especially in northern oblasts, they may create a coalition and even join neighbouring Russia. What do you think about this?

- It is not true. Today's Akims appointed by Nazarbayev have no real force. Recently they began to criticise the government, seemingly wishing to do something for their regions, but they are not permitted to do this by the top ranks. I think it is the government that initiates talks of separating oblast Akims. For example, the systems in U.S.A. and Germany are completely elective, yet nobody runs away there.

- As far as the problem of the state language is concerned, I know that in one of your speeches in Washington you said that Russia should have been the one state to join with Kazakhstan. Recently Yegemen Kazakhstan published an article by Dos Kushim, a famous politician, who expressed his resentment of that statement. What can you say regarding this?

- I have never touched on this issue. I don't know whose concerns Mr. Kushim is voicing. I will say once again that I have never raised this matter. Washington does not deal with such problems. They know this issue is very delicate. Of course, since I am Kazakh, and you are also Kazakh, we have to care for our language, but there are a lot of other nationalities in Kazakhstan, their interests are to be also taken into consideration. But I did not give any recommendations in Washington, about this and how to consider this. I must say that neither Kushim nor Nazarbayev are more Kazakh than I am.

I know what those in the power structures say about me. For example, they tell the Kazakhs who are contemplating their national identity: �his wife is Russian�. The Russians are told that my wife is not Russian, but Jewish. I know everything. I must say again that neither Kushim (who wrote the article) nor Nazarbayev, nor Kekilbaev could consider themselves more Kazakh than me. My mother is from the Kerei clan, my father is Uak. His parents died when he was a child, and Naimans brought him up. I can say I am Kazakh who was brought up by several clans.


After the WTO Ministerial Conference in Seattle, the EU would like a new round of trade negotiations to be launched before the end of the year 2000.

In this regard, Trade Commissioner, Mr. Pascal Lamy, intends to hold an online chat session on 5 April from 18.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs, Brussels time (or from 23.00 hrs to 01.00 hrs Astana time). The topic of the Internet chat will be �Relaunching the New Round of trade negotiations this year � Why we want everyone on board?�. Mr. Lamy will be available for any questions and suggestions.

The address of the chat is: chat.europa.eu.int

The Ukraine Appreciates Privatisation of the Herson Refinery, - the New Ukrainian Ambassador


ALMATY, March 24


�We appreciate that the issue regarding privatisation of the Herson refinery by Kazakhoil will be solved soon, I think, as it will make both parties mutually responsible,� said the new Ukrainian Ambassador to Kazakhstan said on Friday in Almaty.

Yevgeny Kartashov stressed that �the Ukraine was striving for trust on the leasing base, and over its participation in settling Kazakhstan's land problems.� At present, he said, a number of joint agricultural, as well as industrial and pharmaceutical ventures had been established.

�Now about 70 documents regulating interrelations between our countries have been signed. And it is time to focus on qualitative aspect of the matter,� the Ambassador added.

Yevgeny Kartashov said that the situation in the Ukrainian energy complex was difficult, as the country mainly receives power from abroad. The Ukraine's coal resources are in a critical condition � 236,000 tons are produced in the place of the annual requirement of 1.5 to 2 million. In the ambassador's opinion, stabilisation is possible only if the country produces gas and coal itself, as well as if purchases from abroad are guaranteed.

�Now we have a key problem � reimbursing debts. In this regard there are significant contradictions between Russia and the Ukraine: we admit to owing US$ 1.4 billion, Russia � US$ 3 billion. The reason for that is difference of gas transportation prices and a difference in bidding of commercial structures which are fluctuating from US$ 55 to US$ 83,� Yevgeny Kartashov said.

However, according to him, the parties are aiming to determine the sum of the debt. At the same time Kiev disagrees with the Moscow's proposal to privatise enterprises to repay the debt to Russia. In this year proactive work will be performed concerning the oil pipeline Odessa-Brode-Gdansk. Negotiations on this matter between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan have been conducted already. The pipeline will be, possibly, built either by 2001 or by late 2000. Yevgeny Kartashov thinks "it to be the cheapest oil transit route to Western Europe.�

Problems as seen by children

From the editors: the problem of handicapped children is one of the most important topics of the modern community. This topic receives little or no coverage either in newspapers or on TV. Handicapped children are also seemingly outside the state's range of vision. They exist, but at the same time they appear not to. The Almaty Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists raises the problem of the young handicapped. A public opinion poll conducted by the ASaP illuminates some aspects of this pending problem.

Bakhytzhamal BEKTURGANOVA, President of ASaP

ALMATY, March 27

Almaty grown-ups think that school collective tests for retarded children should remain in place.

How do you treat retarded children your age?

(% of polled)


Total Pupils from junior school
Pupils from middle school
Pupils from senior school
Good  31.4  41.2  31.6  23.9
Normally  47.4  32.4  49.1  56.5
Bad  2.2  2.9  1.8 2.2
In no way  5.8  2.9  8.8  4.3
Don't know  13.9  20.6  10.5  13
Total  100.7  100  101.7  100

What feeling do invalids your age provoke?

(% of polled)


Total  Pupils from junior school
Pupils from middle school
Pupils from senior school
1. Compassion  52.6  58.8  49.1  52.2
2. Wish to help
and to protect  48.2  52.9  54.4  37
3. Friendly feelings
and respect  26.3  20.6  31.6  23.9
4. Contempt and
mockery  0.0  0.0  0.0  0.0
5. Conscious superiority
over them  4.3  5.9  7.0  0.0
6. Wish to humiliate,
offend  0.7  0.0  1.8  0.0
7. No feeling at all  3.6  0.0  1.8  8.7
8. Don't know  8.0  5.9  3.5  15.2
9. Other  9.5  0.0  15.8  8.7
Total  153.2  144.1  164.9  145.6

Would you agree to study a class with retarded children?

(% of polled)
Total Pupils from junior school
Pupils from middle school
Pupils from senior school
Yes  23.4  20.6  31.6  15.2
No  35.0  23.5  38.6  39.1
Don't know  31.4  17.6  28.1  45.7
Doesn't matter
to me  9.5  38.2  0.0  0.0
Total  99.3  99.9  98.3  100

If you do not agree to study a class with handicapped children,

then why? (% of polled)
Total Pupils from middle school
Pupils from senior school
They should study in a
special school  40.8  33.3  50
It will be difficult for me to find a
common language with them  19.4  19.3  19.6
It will not be interesting to study, as teachers
will focus on weak pupils  15.5  10.5  21.7
We live in different worlds, there is a wall of
misunderstanding between us  8.7  10.5  6.5
Other  14.6  8.8  21.7
Total  99  82.4  119.5

Law Bulletin

Interdepartmental Commission to Work with Rating Agencies

ALMATY, March 27


To co-ordinate the activities of the state structures of Kazakhstan dealing with rating agencies, a Governmental Decree dated 13.03.00 established an interdepartmental commission to work with rating agencies (or �Commission�). The Commission is a consulting- advisory body subordinate to the Kazakh government.

The main direction of the Commission's activities is co-operation with international rating agencies independently evaluating solvency of issuer of promissory notes.

Some functions of the Commission:

1) co-ordination of collection and processing of political and social-economic information submitted by state structures of Kazakhstan to rating agencies;

2) to facilitate functioning of the system of regular informational exchange with rating agencies;

3) to recommend on appointment credit advisors to reconsider the credit rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4) survey of priority variants of loaning assets in stock markets;

5) to facilitate rating agencies in creating their subsidiaries in Kazakhstan to work in the country's financial market; organising visits of representatives of rating agencies to Kazakhstan.

The Commission is entitled to take decisions of a recommending character issued in the form of protocols; to participate in preparation of special standard legal regulations; to attract experts to conduct an additional expertise of financial projects, etc.

The Commission is being headed by the chairman (Ye. A. Utembaev, the deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan). The Commission also includes the deputy chairman (A.G. Saidenov, the deputy Finance Minister). The Commission's working body is the Ministry of Finance. The Commission and its composition are to be established and abandoned by a Governmental Decree. Meetings of the Commission are to be held when required, but not less than once in three months, when not less than a half of its members are present. Representatives of companies and organisations, not included in the composition of the Commission, can be invited to its meetings.

For further information on any legal issues and services, please contact the Almaty offices of LEX ANALITIC, at the address: office 534, 15, Republican Square. Tel./fax: 63-17-11, tel.: 63-72-26.

E-mail: [email protected]

Dmitry Bratus

Senior Partner � Director LEX ANALITIC

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