Invitation to the Exhibition

At the Ball of Talents and Admirers of Myn Oi

Over a week the exhibition of a group of Uigurian artists is being held in the central exhibition hall (Zheltoksan St., at Dzhambul St.).

Myn Oi is the group consisting of 6 painters. Each of them � Muhabat Hitahunova, Hashim Kurbanov, Ruslan Yusupov, Arken Zulfakurov and Isa Abdukarim � is the new word in the painting art if Kazakhstan.

The main leitmotif of the exhibition Myn Oi is the Sun. The group natured the idea of a symbol of the Sun that is the binder principle of the creative searches for some years. In the project The Sun the Uigurian painters use the image of a totem pillar as the ritual worshiping the Mankind�s Great Motherland as a symbol of the Ancient Civilization.

The six participants of the project paint two symbols (one of them is solar) located radially. The circle in the center symbolizing the Sun is free. Once the pictures completed, they are connected and raised to the accompaniment of tambourines, forming the tetrahedron pillar consisting of 12 symbols (12 is the symbol of the time cycle). The vertical line of the pillar comes up from the ancient time.

The totem of the Sun produces an indelible impression, as well as all paintings by the six painters presented at the exhibition. Most of them are painted in oil, some of them are graphical. Hashimdzhan Kurbanov exposed his exclusive wooden works.

Almost on the second day of the exhibition more than a half of Myn Oi canvas were sold. This proves that the paintings by Uigurian artists are much in demand. So, let�s hurry up to the exhibition and appreciate the art by the Kazakhstani artists-painters.

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