Russian Platoon Commander Kills Chechen Woman

30 March (Lenta. ru)

The commander of the Russian Army Headquarters, Anatoly Kvashnin, reported to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin, of an unfortunate event in Chechnya, where the commander of the tank platoon, Colonel Budanov had killed a local women, the RIA Novosty says. According to Anatoly Kvashnin, the commander of Tank Platoon 160 of the United Forces, Colonel Budanov �scoffed at an inhabitant of the Chechen republic and then killed her.�

In an interview to the RTR TV channel the General Headquarters Commander called the event �wild and disgraceful� for the army and �an extraordinary� precedent. According to Anatoly Kvashnin, the platoon commander Budanov "was, in fact, a bandit in respect to the peaceful population.� Having called Colonel Budanov � scum�, the General Headquarters Commander added that �such people must be thrown out of the army.�

According to Kvashnin, this is � a unique event� and in general, �the staff of the United Forces is honestly performing its Constitutional duty; neither soldiers nor officers spare their lives.�

Budanov is under arrest. The commanders of the United Forces have instigated a criminal case and the Office of Military Prosecutor of the Northern Caucasian circuit is investigating the case.

Representatives of the United Forces met elders of the village, where the victim had lived. Servicemen offered sincere condolences to relatives of the victim and participated in the funeral ceremony.

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